Monday, April 23, 2012

Get Rid of that Huge Pimple Overnight

As someone who suffered from years of acne, I personally know how horrifying it is to wake up with a HUGE zit in a really obvious place. I've tried all sorts of treatments: anti-biotics, face washes, acne treatments...but I never found a solution that would take care of a HUGE pimple overnight until a friend of mine was faced with an issue that she turned to my mother, a nurse, for advice.

My friend woke up with an enflamed, irritated, GIGANTIC, red pimple on her nose the day before prom. She was a sophomore in high school and had been asked to the senior prom by a hot senior boy. She had covered the pimple up with makeup but NOTHING was going to cover that "thing" up. We went home to try and find something amongst all of my skin care products that might help to reduce the swelling and fight against that "monster," but I truly didn't believe anything was going to work within one day.

We thought of our options:
Popping the pimple can make it become even more enflamed, it can lead to scarring or scabbing, and it even can transfer more bacteria into the open wound causing it to backfire and become even worse.

Most skin-care creams and washes take days before you can see any results, if you see any at all. Plus, you never know how your skin is going to react to certain ingredients in these skin-care products. 

Stumped on how to get "Godzilla" off of my friends nose, my mother walked in with a bottle of "Listerine Mouth Wash." She said pour some of this onto a washcloth and wash your face with it. It seemed idiotic but we trusted her. We left the Listerine on the surface for about 10 minutes before washing it off. My friend said she felt something tingling in her pores. My mother told her to wash it again the same way before bed time and in the morning. She also recommended her to leave toothpaste on the pimple overnight. Using dental products to get rid of acne sounded bizarre, but the results just blew our minds away.

The next morning my friend showed up to school with no makeup on. The pimple was GONE. This huge mass that had planted itself on her nose had vanished overnight. She said she had followed the exact instructions my mother had given her. My friend looked amazing at prom that year.

So, why did the Listerine treatment work?
Listerine has bacteria-fighting agents that help to fight against the causes of bad breath. These bacteria-fighting agents also help fight against the bacteria on your skin that causes acne. Listerine and toothpaste also help act as an astringent, which is great when trying to get rid of a pimple. But...

I bet you would've never thought a mouthwash could make a pimple disappear.


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  2. This is interesting… Well, it’s true that acne is mainly caused by the proliferation of bacteria in the pores. That’s why antibacterial meds are one of the best treatments for acne. Listerine works that way, but I never knew that it was strong enough for acne. This is definitely a must-try for those who have been searching for alternatives to get rid of their acne for good!

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  5. its a really working process..i tried it...nd it took one nd a half day..thnq soo much

  6. Good day! I would like to ask if it is okay to use this if I were using a product before that has salicylic acid in it?

    And do you have any tips for oily face? thank you so much and God bless.

  7. Sounds very interesting. I know about the Toothpaste but if Listerine can do the same job even better. A try is worth it :) Thanks

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  9. It worked on me., tried it last night and there is a HUGE difference although it's still there and red.

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  11. does this work ????????????????????

  12. Well gotta try dis one......sounds a bit intersting dat a listerine is gud at getting rid of pimples

  13. please someone tell me does this really work i have already sacrificed too much with other so called remedies

  14. i have 3 or 4 pimples on my face and i am about to go to my grandma's if she sees it trust me she will literately take a pin and pop it and i don't want that to happen

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  17. Does this work ? My graduation pictures are in 2 weeks and I don't want this pimple on my nose to be there. Please someone reply.

  18. Im going to.try this tonight!! I will let you guys know about it tomorrow hmmmm

  19. does it have to be the original listerine?

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  21. I am going to try Listerine for sure. Im getting more pimples in my forehead recently. My sister uses pimple free with Dalacin C.It works too. Vit C and Vit a helps in healing and eliminating pimples too

  22. I actually used the Blue mouthwash and it did not swell. It really helped! (I normally wouldn't use this but I couldn't find any original mouthwash and I was desperate!) Thank you!!

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  24. I know very well the ice does work. and the toothpaste does work but I don't know about the lemon juice for helping the get rid of acne scars.

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  25. I know very well the ice does work. and the toothpaste does work but I don't know about the lemon juice for helping the get rid of acne scars